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The River

It's spring in Colorado and snowy blankets are giving way to splotchy...rocky...mountain peaks.  

Soon we will be climbing up, up, up; navigating dense forests, crossing clear streams and picking our way through fields of scree to reach grand vistas, water-filled cirques and chilly, delicate alpine environments. 

But not yet. That's summer, this is spring.

In spring Colorado Rivers are still, *thankfully*, brimming over, bursting their banks. It's the time when dull gray, static, frozen turns to sparkling, noisy, and flowing. And, inevitably, that memory-inspired longing wells up inside.  

The river. 

If you've spent days trading lazy floats with pumping rapids and starry nights, you know what I mean. 


Excitement, nervousness, anticipation. Carefully selecting what to include...and not.


...respect: she is fast, relentless, sweeping. 

....and fun: organic, liberating, together. 

The river. We must go. Soon.