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Winter in Colorado is an exercise in diversity. Temps can range from 70 degrees to minus 20. Natives relish the change, others are may be slightly annoyed. One morning we have sun and warm, by the evening commute we are hustling to beat the snow.

October-November 2010 has been beautiful in Colorado. A slow, slow shift in temperature without any real freezing through mid-November allowed tree leaves to reveal colors we haven't seen in Colorado for a long, long time. In mid-October we were still seeing 80 degree temperatures and green grass.

Here we are, the day after Thanksgiving, and expecting sunny and warm weather. The mountains are getting pounded with snow but nothing in the forcast for the front range. Like a true native, I am wondering...where is my snow and how am I supposed to get in the "holiday spirit" without at least one good dose of the white stuff?