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Montana vs Colorado

Mainstreet Philipsburg
I used to have an acute love for my home-state of Colorado. But, after spending days in towns across Montana, I have a new love. Maybe I am just fed up with the constant fight to get from one place to the next in Denver. Or being the only person who actually grew up here.

Bite of Bozeman 
Or maybe the crisp, clean air, distance between towns and a good break from my frenetic day-to-day has me longing for how Denver used to be.

Or maybe I have been swept away -only slightly literally- by the sparkling, wild waters and expansive valleys of Montana.

From Logan Pass
Even laundry is better in Montana! Well....maybe not laundry. (Really, Canada has the best laundry.)

And there is this...

Pleasant View Soccer Fields in Boulder

And this...

Vestas wind turbines on tracks over the South Platte in downtown Denver...en route to a carbo-free tomorrow.

And this...

Great Sand Dunes National Park