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beautiful girl

Mornings are hard.  We all know this.  

Mostly I hate that our time in the morning is tied up in chaos and stress and we miss the beautiful moments, like this moment.  Kris was busy chasing Tucker around, trying to get the backpack organized and teeth brushed and shoes on.  I was between checking work e-mail, trying to get dressed and cleaning up from breakfast.  Luckily, I remembered to stop and take this photo of Kenedy before *poof* she was gone. 

Andrew Farriss of INXS wrote the song "beautiful girl" about being a parent.  Maybe the lyrics don't reflect our day-to-day but the song sure does connect with me in my journey as a parent.  Kenedy is growing up so fast: independent, able to take care of herself, ready and waiting for the morning dust to settle, to head out the door and conquer the day.  She is my beautiful girl.  She changes and grows every day.  It makes me so proud and inspired but, still, I don't want her to!  Beautiful girl...stay with me.