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RiNo and Five Points

Kids at sleepover = night out for adults. 

We took advantage and stayed up late for dessert and jazz at Nocturne.  The next morning we wandered through RiNo (River North) and Five Points with a latte and a snack from Crema Coffee. 

Photovoltaics and wall art with church on the side.

Larimer Street: not the touristy part. 

From this side it looks like this.

From this side, it looks like this!

Doesn't really get better than friends and beer! 

303 used to be Colorado's only area code.

Serpents and monsters also used to reside with lovely young ladies near Red Rocks.  Or...maybe I just read that in a book. 

These are stacked shipping crates with windows and doors. 

Color and geometry, depth and shape.   

We decided to spend more time in this unique, energetic, grassroots 'hood.  Maybe next time we'll bring the kids.