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Instructor Sara Clark from YogaToday talks about "being." I keep her words close:

"My daily practice is more like housekeeping. It cleans up what isn't serving me and sheds light on what I need more of. I use a mental check-list: Am I being compassionate towards myself and others; are my thoughts supporting my growth; have I meditated today; does my body need movement or rest; have I fueled my body with the best foods available; what have I learned today that will shed light on what I need for tomorrow; and lastly, what time should I go to bed for optimal renewal? For me, this strengthens my internal wisdom which is invaluable.

I can do this home practice anywhere. It inspires me to live a little louder, to love a little harder, and to create a deeper relationship with myself. The knowledge I gain from this practice allows me to trust my body and soul to move me through life."

YogaToday is filmed in Jackson, WY which makes practice both humbling and inspirational just by way of seeing those great Tetons.