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new kids on the butte

We took off for Crested Butte over President's Day weekend.  It's a long but beautiful 4 hour drive that we've tackled for extended weekends in the summer.

CB in May

CB in May

This is our first time skiing here.  There is plenty of snow piled up around town but they haven't had fresh powder for two weeks. The terrain is what they call gnarly so we will see how the day goes!

CB in February

The ski area is just gorgeous- set on the back of a pointy mountain that juts out in the middle of the East River valley.  No matter where on the mountain you end up, you are surrounded by both a gleaming snowy, meandering river valley and walls of layered Rocky Mountains.

Looking South/up to the ski area...

Looking back towards Gothic...

Looking northwest towards Aspen...

Maybe the slopes were full mid-day.  

So we stopped for a snack and Kenedy took advantage of the booty sledding course.  

The afternoon cleared up as the snow melted but we enjoyed ourselves on nearly empty slopes until we turned into zombies and headed back for food and rest.

The town is lovely, historic, with many delicious, albeit expensive, restaurants.  We of course stopped at Camp 4 Coffee to pick up beans and then Townie Books for local history.