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morning coffee

A stressful, crazy week before spring break.  Kris and I have been taking turns traveling. 
And, work is full of wrapping up loose ends so that we can enjoy a few days of vacation with some dedicated family time.  The kids are struggling to get up and get moving after daylight savings.  They have returned from school as zombie grumps just about every day this week.

Coffee was yummy and necessary this morning. I just love how the cream swirls around in the first steamy, dark cup.  This is something like the 10th picture I have taken of coffee.  Ha!

At least Kenedy is eating breakfast.  Tucker is just messing around.

And this is what happens to a tablet when kids like Tucker play with it.  Of course I cleaned it as soon as I noticed the ridiculous coating of goo. Of course it doesn't look like that anymore...because I cleaned it!  Of course!