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vacation strategery

I love planning! Kenedy says that the best way to keep me happy is to give me a long vacation to plan.  Maybe it's true...I would also be happy on said vacation, but hey, I'm not picky.  Recently I have been tackling our spring break adventure.

Option #1 is a California road trip.  Unfortunately I-70 West is down to two lanes in Glenwood Canyon due to a recent landslide. So California by car will have to wait. 

Option #2, my current planning focus, is a road trip South, due South, through Albuquerque, White Sands, Roswell (oh yea!), Carlsbad and finally wrapping up in Big Bend.  We thought these destinations would be deserted in the middle of March.  But ha!  No such luck.  Any reserve-able campsites are reserved and, especially near Big Bend, there are not many other options.  Current thinking is that we will activate new backpacking powers and set out on our own two feet in the Chisos Mountains.  Backcountry permits can be purchased within 24 hours of the trip so we might have a chance.  The drawback is that Big Bend is in the desert and we are advised to carry a gallon of water per person per day.  This is prohibiting since a gallon of water weighs 5 lbs. and K and T should only carry 10% of their body weight (which is like 5 lbs.).  Can we do it?  Perhaps I will pull out the backcountry gear and try out a test run....the strategery continues!