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cooking with K

Kenedy now has three cookbooks and we have tried many recipes.  Sometimes she digs in and finishes the process all the way to table service.  Sometimes she abandons mid-ingredient.  Sometimes she has "help" from Tucker who also enjoys to singing, playing with cars, building Lego guns, playing computer games, shooting baskets, watching cartoons....
And laying on the ground in the middle of the kitchen!

Wait a second, what were we talking about again???

Oh yes, cooking!  Take a look at this beautiful homemade mac-n-cheese sauce.

And heart-shaped scones!

This is a different day of baking despite the same PJs.  These must be here cooking PJs.

And, finally, the highly coveted cookie pizza.  Kenedy waited many months before we allowed her to make this one.  You can guess who ate more than half.

At least cookie pizza goes well with beer.  I really like the Williams-Sonoma Kids in the Kitchen cookbook.  The mouthwatering pictures make us hungry and produce delicious recipes, too.