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take Tucker out to the ball game

It all started out on a cold and foggy May 14th.  We played soccer, cleaned house and then picked up Tyson to kick off the big birthday event. The sun peaked out briefly during the drive to Coors Field but it was cloudy and cold for most of the game.  We found a parking spot and headed to the field.

Go Rockies! 

The seats were prime for catching home runs and we could see Blackmon, aka "Blackbeard" right in front of us at Center Field.  

Hot dogs and fries kicked off the baseball food fest!

Finally the rest of the crew arrived.

The Rockies scored seven runs in the first three innings, Terry Collins was thrown out of the game and the kids got pink and blue cotton candy!!


 Couple all of this baseball fun with family and a good friend...

And you have one happy birthday boy!

Happy 8th, Tucker!!