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RMNP: Moraine Park

Way back in February I reserved a campsite in Rocky Mountain National Park for June 3-5.  I'm not sure why I did this but we enjoyed another weekend of sleeping on the dirt (well, with ground pads) and eating under big blue sky. 

Long's Peak from our tent.

We hiked from our campsite up the Big Thompson River to a place called "The Pool."

Um, yeah.  That's The Pool during spring melt.

After the pool we hiked to Cub Lake.  The lily pads were drifting in the wind, surrounded by burnt tree poles. 

The mountain side was hot and barren but shrubs, grasses, flowers and aspen were starting to repopulate the dirt and rock.

From Cub Lake we descended back down to the valley floor.

After six miles of hiking, we wanted oh so badly to dip our feet into the ice cold water but the need for a bathroom spoke louder than our barking dogs.

Looking up the Big Thompson...