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the Bolder Boulder

We dragged ourselves out of our soft, cushy beds (after camping) at 5:15 on the morning of Memorial Day.  Kris warmed up for the big race while Kenedy, Tucker and I headed to a coffee shop for pastries and a latte. It was a perfect day for the run. We watched as the first citizen racers (sub-32m/10K) sprinted up Folsom and planted ourselves in Section 111 of Folsom Field. 

Kris came in about 10 minutes faster than he expected and I wasn't ready to snap the shot as he ran by.  From him: I was feel pretty bad but when I ran by three throw-ups and a passed out guy, I thought, hey, I'm not throwing up.  I'm not passed out.  Its not so bad!

We were proud of him for motivating and beating his time last year.

We stayed for some of the rest of the race, listening to the amazing Navy band and then headed home.