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RMNP: Sandbeach Lake Backpacking Day 2

Something unusual happens when the rhythm of civilized, industrialized, and connected life falls away and basic human needs takeover.  There is no TV, no computer, no home project, no work, no errands, no alarms, dings and vibrations.  Attention is placed on staying dry, eating when you're hungry, making sure you have water and finding a safe place to go if things take a turn for the worse.  At some point you forget to look at your phone (it doesn't work anyway) and stop worrying about what you're not doing or might be missing.  It doesn't matter.  For me, the rocks become grounding, the silence meditative and the surrounding majesty humbling.  You wake up with the sun, sleep under the stars, eat when you're hungry, and generally slow down to a moment-by moment pace.

We hiked another 2.5 miles on Day 2.  The hike was hot and beautiful.  The last mile was steep and rocky.  Tucker and I grumbled the way up that steep part and stopped often for snacks and a break. 

We had so much time to just sit on Day 2 of our backpacking trip. It has been a long, long time since we've done that; just sitting.  We had a huge flat rock at our campsite with views of Sandbeach Lake, Mount Meeker, Chief's Head and Copeland Mountain.  The sun was out, the breeze sometimes gusty but the temperature was perfect. I just sat watching the clouds pass, thinking about nothing, enjoying the dappled light and sounds of nature.

Kenedy gave Tucker a "treatment" while we were hanging around.  Tucker didn't seem to mind.

Of course we threw rocks in the lake.  Don't worry the fisherman were gone.

This is the bottom of Mount Meeker with Tucker, Kenedy and Kris on the right next to Sandbeach Lake. 

Behind Kenedy is the peak of Mount Meeker.  Kenedy is trying to smile while watching Tucker throw rocks just a little too close, i.e. within splash radius.