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falling skies

Our block was eerily empty and quiet on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  All the kids in the 'hood were en route to their last weekend of freedom...except us.  We tried really hard to load up and move out early in the AM but laundry, cleaning, breakfast, cartoons and packing got the best of us until afternoon. 

On the up side, we missed some traffic.

And caught views of awesome, energetic storms over the Medicine Bow Range.

We stopped at Dumont Lake to stretch our legs after fighting traffic for two and a half hours.  

Dumont Lake is at the top of Rabbit Ears Pass, not too far from Highway 40. Watch out for falling skies if you decide to visit!

So wonderfully quiet and fall-like. 

Summer storms in Colorado move in and out in the blink of an eye.  One minute, the sky is falling, the next is back to big sky Colorado.  Perfect for people with transient attention span, like me!