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journeys stored in my heart

Each new adventure brings back billions of memories.  To me, these trips are epic: new and revisited places, often off-grid and/or full of adventure but, most importantly, together.  Below I've shared a few memories. They are trips tattooed on my heart, memories to last a lifetime.

8,000 miles to Alaska and back

Root beer inlets up north

Sleeping out on the Main Salmon

England to Ireland in the middle of (almost) Brexit.


New Year's Day is for the chickens in Little Havana

Snow dog in Castle Valley

Go! Volcanoes

Goofy, crooked salutations from the rugged, wild Sawtooths. 

Banff. So far away and up so high.

Extra large Ross Cedars

Majestic Bristlecones in wild and weird Great Basin

Freedom! A quintessential road trip pit stop.  

The amazing journey of salmon

Sick-os: Glacier National Park is a beautiful and peaceful place to recover in the tent. Just go with it.

Jasper = we contributed so many rocks to the glacial waters and drank so much Wicked Cup.

Pick them up and hug them while you can, because picking them up now, for me,...nope, no more.

A sacred and magnetic Tower

So many tents that went kaput.

Nature's Architecture and History

Our big family adventures have said hello and goodbye to Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, Minnesota, Oregon, California, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Florida, Washington, Arizona, Texas, British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon, Alaska, England, Ireland, Hawaii, birds, buffalo, beaches, glaciers, bears, two electric vehicles, three well-used Volvos and too many hearty, family-sized tents. Let's GO!