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Denver Center for Performing Arts

We are so lucky to have a performing arts Center in Denver.  When the kids were babies we bought an annual membership.  Not only did our membership satisfy our need for live music but it also meant pre-planned, no-excuses, date nights each month.  We don't have our membership anymore but  the kids are older and we make it a priority to take them a few times each year.

This year we went with grandparents and cousins to see "A Colorado Christmas" which included performances by the Colorado Symphony and Chorus and the Children's Choral.  

Last year we went to see A Christmas Carol and walked out to beautiful, wafting snowflakes.  Nothing is better for holiday spirit than A Christmas Carol and snow in the city.  This year we had nice, dry weather.

The complex was built when I was a kid in Denver. It's holding up!
Tucker studied Lincoln last year.  Since then, they have had a special relationship.
You can even send your Christmas wish list to Santa from Boettcher Concert Hall!