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The drive out to the Islands in the Sky section of Canyonlands is breathtaking.  We passed through canyons of red rock castles, ascended to the top of a vast plateau and, when we thought we could be awed no more, we were introduced to the vast depths of the canyon lands.

View from the Island in the Sky Visitor's Center

On December 29th, the Visitor's Center was closed, including the restroom.  We tossed out hopes of another Junior Ranger Badge and set out for a canyonside picnic instead.

Hiking along the flat plateau is warm and pleasant in the middle of Utah winter and the view from our self-selected picnic area at the end of the Holman Spring trail was not too bad!

We jealously watched backpackers descend the trail into the canyon. Alas, no backpacking for us on this trip.

I am not a fan of heights and the shear thousand foot drop below the Grand View Point trail tested my zen. Breathe!

Wow!  Grand View...truly deserving of the name.