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Mille Lacs

A beautiful drive North through the rolling green hills of Southwestern Minnesota brought us to Mille Lacs State Park where it rained most of the night and morning. 

The rain let up long enough for a bike ride to the Visitor's Center and a nature walk through swampy, overgrown forest.

Like Colorado, Mille Lacs has been home to humans for 9,000 years.  But we found this place so different from Colorado: wet and full of growth and bugs.  The ancient people of Minnesota had very different challenges than the ancient people of Colorado.

It's hard to experience the full extent of Mille Lacs Lake without a boat...and oh how I wish we had one but the playground at the Visitor's Center was deserted; as was the Visitor's Center looking out on a small piece of the lake.  Once again, our great traveling companion and friend, the American White Pelican, joined our adventure. 

Kris tried very hard to produce the wingspan of a Bald Eagle at the Visitor's Center. Good try.