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Goblins in Entrada Sandstone

Go west, young woman?  No, fly South. Like birds...

 From Denver, head West on I-70 to Utah.  Exit Highway 24 South and down a lonely two-lane road for a good, long way.  Problem: there is absolutely nothing for about 100 miles between Green River and Torrey, UT.  And we missed the rest stop.

In search of a bathroom off of Highway 24, we found ...Goblins!  

The ebb and flow of ancient tides caused deposits of sand that eroded over 170 million years into three valleys of giant mushrooms.  Utah made it a state park and called it Goblin Valley. Thank you, Utah!

I think I saw goblins darting stealthily between mushroom hideouts.

They hideout in an inspiring, picturesque and fun place!  

We were free to explore under every formation, on top of each weird crag and into all corners of the red valley.  We played for nearly two hours.

And could have stayed much longer-but we still had to go to the bathroom (just kidding!).

Goodbye goblins, may more desert canyon exploration lay ahead... next stop Boulder, Utah and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.