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Adventure to Alaska: Smithers to Terrace

A cedar-filled rest area along the Yellowhead Highway
Lonely Planet calls the drive from Smithers to Prince Rupert "four-star scenic driving." We wholeheartedly agree! Exit Smithers and look back on the silent glacier that hides behind Hudson Bay Mountain, wind along the massive Skeena River, pass endless forests of aspen and pine as you skirt sheer mountain-sides that open into 360 degree vistas. We passed the Stewart-Cassiar highway thoughtfully...what lies past that right hand turn?
Seven Sisters
Skeena River
Lonely Planet also throws a bit of shade on "Tatty Terrace" and here we disagree! Terrace was full of fellow adventurers, has a downtown walking mall with art and coffee which is also right down the street from a just fine laundromat. Oh yes, we washed our clothes and the car and ourselves in Terrace.

Terrace is at the confluence of the Skeena and Kitsumkalum Rivers and locals were taking advantage of the sunny day, beaches and plentiful water.

J-B Status Check

Happy Independence Day, America! So far the J-Bs have been living with each other, out of the car and a tiny trailer, for a month; with one bag of clothing each! I am so sick of my three t-shirts. Good news, though, the treehouse cabins in Terrace are luxurious. Everyone has their own bed and there is a huge field for playing.

Hidden Acres Farm and Treehouse Resort
After an afternoon spent with a couch and running water, we all agree (Tucker somewhat reluctantly) to press on. But not without a little venting about:
  • being away from home,
  • needing alone time,
  • motivating to work,
  • the long cold walk to the bathroom,
  • missing friends,
  • being bored during long drives,
  • staying organized,
  • the full spectrum of laundry, wifi and the never-ending need for ice and fuel.
Onward, J-Bs. Today is Kris's last day of work for two weeks and tomorrow...the ocean!