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Have Dog Will Travel

Paddleboarding Tavernier Creek in the Keys

2019 was a year to remember. We started the year in Little Havana, the Keys, then the Everglades.  We added a solar energy system and home battery to our house (right before the snow cyclone...woot!).

February Tesla Solar System and Home Battery Installation

We spent spring break in England and Ireland, bought a tiny trailer, rented out our house, and launched for sixty glorious days traversing North America from Colorado to British Columbia, West to Alaska via the Inside Passage and back down the Alaska Highway.

All the London Sites (during Brexit)

Galway, Ireland

Taxa Tigermoth in action at Colter Bay (Teton)

Pumping up the SUP at Northern Rockies Lodge (Muncho Lake, BC)

When we finally landed back at our comfy house in August after the best sleep of our lives, we sat down at our indoor table with a glorious pot of coffee and thought, among other things, "It's been an amazing eight months. We checked off many life goals but something's still missing. Let's get a dog!"  And, so we did.  We rescued a tiny puppy-mut from Arkansas.  We named her Juneau after our great summer adventure and promptly fell madly in love.

Life without a dog is so much easier: you can stay out as long as you want, stop at any hotel, pitch a tent at any campground, sleep late and, well, we won't start with the hair.  But, we've quickly discovered that, despite a little compromising, having a dog doesn't keep life at makes life so much better!  Welcome to the adventure, Juneau.