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there was a bear

We have seen so much wildlife this summer: bears, birds and bugs! 

Pronghorn in Bryce Canyon National Park were evasive: only available for photo shoots during the evening.  We saw them but did not capture them in a digital image.  That's OK, we added our own element of wild to Bryce.

It was easier in Rocky Mountain National Park. A bunch of wild animals just wandered right through our campsite.

This moose took no notice of the 100% full campground at Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday morning.   Luckily everyone behaved and she moved along into the mucky wetlands adjacent to the campground. We learned that there are between 80 and 120 moose in Rocky, all transported to Colorado from Wyoming and Utah.

The campground was a little less full when this teenage elk stopped through.  The herd moved back and forth across Trail  Ridge Road all weekend, yelling at each other to catch up or slow down.

This young human appears mesmerized by a bug.

Flight!  I am so jealous.  Look closely, you can almost see flapping motion.  I could spend all summer watching birds in Yellowstone's Lamar Valley and I believe some people do.  We saw Sandhill Cranes, American Pelicans, eagles, geese, four different varieties of ducks ...  they are fascinating to watch and beautiful in flight.

This Osprey spends its evenings circling for fish in Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park.

Where do the buffalo roam?  Well, in Yellowstone they roam on the roads and swim across the huge Yellowstone River.  By the way, these are the ONLY wild bison left in the North America.  They have been refugees since 1902. 

 Wildlife on the boardwalk?