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Adventure on, together to the end of the world!

It was one of those beautiful, quiet snowy days and it wrapped up three weeks of holiday stress and insanity.  We spent a good two hours sledding: hike to the top of the hill, fly down the steep, dodge the tree, squeeze past the rock, blast out onto street, stop and repeat.  Pure exhaustion brought us back inside for food and rest.  We spent the rest of the day with snacks, games and movies.  Pure satisfaction.

We played Monopoly, stacked blocks, ate dinner, watched Ladyhawk and sent the kids off to bed.  To wrap up the day Kris and I watched "Seeking a Friend For the End of the World."  In the movie, the government gives people three weeks of notice before an asteroid destroys the world.  You can imagine how the people reacted. Alright, so what would you do if you had three weeks left? What would I do? A few options immediately came to mind: 1) stay in the safety of my home and enjoy quiet, blissful days with my family; 2) pack everything up and set out on an epic backpacking trip with my family; 3) go somewhere.

Option 1: stay home.  While I like the idea of just staying in and being together, I think we would get bored and depressed. Scratch option 1.

Option 2: epic backpacking trip.  The idea of wandering anywhere we want with everything we need on our backs is compelling.  But, I don't think it's quite fair to my kids who complain about even half a mile up the trail behind our house. I can imagine that heavy packs and sore feet would create a lot of unhappiness for them and guilt would spoil the fun for even me.  Scratch option 2.

Option 3: go.  Going somewhere. Road trip, wahoooo!! This makes sense since this is how we choose to spend priceless vacation time each year.  Where would we go?  Considering my family's love of wildlife and the great outdoors, I think we would go to the place that I happen to think of as the most inspiring place in the world--primordial earth, mecca for endangered species, peaceful, vast wilderness. 

Yellowstone.  So maybe it's a compromise on all three options. 

 We could pitch the tent and spend days together watching wildlife and nights gazing at stars.  

We could pack up supplies and sleeping bags and scout new geysers, hot spots and primordial ooze.

  Yep, this is the right option.  Adventure on, together to the end of the world.