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A Lifetime of Adventure

2016 started in a lovely and unexpected hotel room in Bluff, Arizona without coffee, without restaurant, without noise. Bluff sits at a fork: one route takes us home through Canyonlands, Arches and Moab; the other takes us to the Grand Canyon through Monument Valley.  We opted for the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, filled with castles and blobulous red Rocky waves, contrasting with vast mesas and small green piƱon and juniper trees.

The extra few hours in the car vanished at first sight of the canyon.

I have never experienced a vista that caused me to lose my breath and this is how I felt as I first looked out on the Grand Canyon.  I have seen many pictures of the Canyon: painted, filmed, photographed but the depth, articulation, width and perspective are indescribable. Truly, this is a place that cannot be captured.  So maybe it is fitting that this post, to kick many images to come, is more words than photos.