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documenting the chaos

Step 1: wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, pack up the skis and spend an hour organizing food, clothes, boots, pants, coats, gloves...

Step 2: drive for an hour and a half through heavy traffic, park, exit the warm car, disassemble what we spent an hour assembling at home.

Step 3: make sure the feet stay warm while bundling up in snow pants, vest, warm socks and a coat.

Step 4: attempt to insert feet into very stiff, tight boots while needing to pee and without falling down or stepping your stocking feet in the cold, wet snow.

Step 5: shred, baby!

Step 6: endlessly climb up and slide down the huge snow bank even though you were just whining about being sooooo cold and too tired to walk back to the car.

Step 7: gather up for a big, tired family hug and be thankful for another awesome day together.