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you know its gonna be a good day

There are certain routine behaviors that have become like second nature for us; things like getting out to the bus stop each morning and getting ready for bed each night.  Packing up the rocket box is like a routine, but the rocket box itself has become more of a symbol.  The rocket box carries, contains and protects the funnest of all family possessions; things like sleeping bags, our tent, ground pads and boots. We all know it's gonna be a good day, or perhaps even multiple good days, when the rocket box is on the car.  

And today the rocket box was on the car...YES!  Packed full of the wood, wax, metal and click-contraptions that give us the means to swoosh, slide and float down a snowy mountain.  This winter the rocket box keeps my shiny, new snowboard. 

This is my fourth GNU and oh how I love this board.  The ride is smooth, the cut practically turns itself and it is magically engineered for the perfect balance of flex and stiff.  I thought I maxed out my love for snowboarding a long, long time ago but riding today on this board added an even bigger smile to my face...pure bliss.  More deep, pillowy powder please!