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expanding your perspective

It's snowy.  The drive to Steamboat was slow because of traffic through Georgetown.  At that point the trucks chained up and the drive became slow due to snow.

We listened to Star Talk podcasts for the long, slow trek.

First, we contemplated science and creativity with David Byrne of Talking Heads: should we consider ideas that are derived from others as creative (more like science) or must creative thought be novel (more like art)?  

Then, Neil hosted Susan Sarandon on expanding our perspective including how we judge others and what expectations we impose based on gender.  And, whether technology expands our perspective or just removes us from being present.  

Finally, Kris and I rounded out the discussion with thoughts about leadership.  Takeaway:  the best leaders step up to make tough decisions based on many diverse inputs and perspectives; but know that they are human (and make mistakes) and allow others to treat them as human. 

Rabbit Ears pass was appropriately snowy with gloppy, powdery trees.

We were ready to hit the slopes by the time we arrived in Steamboat.  The powder was still untouched in some of the trees and we were warm enough, though he temp was colder than last weekend.  By the time the lifts closed we were ready for relaxation and football playoffs.