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headed to the Boat

It's snowing and we are headed to Steamboat Springs!  This requires some amount of forethought so as not to break the bank.

During the week prior, we continuously check hotel and condo rates should a last minute deal  surprisingly arise.  This actually happens a lot.  So...preparation isn't everything in this case and if you can handle the last minute spontaneity, this is an appropriate budget approach.  For this weekend, the deal showed up on Thursday and we jumped! 

Place to stay: check.

We know we're going to be on the road and eating at a ski resort is expensive. I prepped snacks and lunch because it tastes better and costs less.  We need food that can fit and survive in a backpack that is worn all day, in the cold, on and off the lift, and through any yard sales (great big, tumbling falls).  We will be hungry and I've packed beef jerky, string cheese, berries, granola, peanut butter with apples and celery, emergency candy, salty snap peas and instant oatmeal for breakfast.  We'll make sandwiches, too, and probably splurge on something hot.

Snacks and lunch: check.

Next up: gear.  I have the list memorized at this point and, luckily, most of our stuff was already ready from last weekend.  Boots, helmet, goggles, snow pants, gloves.   Meanwhile, the long johns, socks and other warm, comfy clothes are strewn across the floor soon to be packed into duffle bags. 

Gear and clothes: check.

Tomorrow we will enjoy a cup of coffee, pack up the car and head out.  Now it's time to enjoy the rest of the evening over a lovely, dark, smooth milk stout.  Good night!