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Guadalupe Mountains

After six hours underground in Carlsbad, we set out to backpack or camp in the Guadalupe Mountains.  When we arrived it was almost six o'clock.  The campground was full and the backcountry options were far away and up 2,000 feet. So, we settled for a hike the following day.

The Mountains are like an oasis in the desert; starting in the flat, dry and dusty low country and ascending into what they call "the bowl" which is a high alpine environment.  We stayed low for our hike, out to "Devil's Hall."  The Hall...

True to the desert climate, the sun was strong but we were kind of cold.  This is Tucker's very careful application of a sunscreen 'stache.

The rocky natural staircase that we climbed to reach "The Hall."

The wash was so dry and dusty that we could hardly imagine water crashing through the rock walls, down the natural rocky stairs and over the huge boulders of the riverbed.  But it happened...or happens.

It was a fun hike and we wished we could have camped but our spring break was over and it was time to head back to our snowy home!