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RMNP backcountry day #1: Onahu

We unloaded the car and loaded up our shoulders, hips and legs with gear and food for one night in the backcountry.

Kids did not carry much: ground pad, sleeping bag, clothes and...maple the moose (it's peaking out from the top of Tucker's backpack below).


The first day of the first backpacking trip of the year was painful.  We hiked 2.5 miles in and up about 1,000 feet, not without a few complaints and several breaks.

Once at camp we gladly freed ourselves from packs and set up tents.  We took off to explore the nearby meadows and filter water in the gushing creek.  On the way back, clouds rolled in and soaked us.  We ran back to camp for shelter, dry clothes and games in the tent. 

In usual Colorado-style, clouds rolled out and the sun shone.  Raincoats stayed on to protect bare skin from mosquito hoards which did not spoil the silliness.

I will take creative silliness and mosquitos at camp over TV and chores at home, anyday!