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RMNP backcountry day #2: Green Mountain

Steam evaporated in the morning sun after a cold and wet night.

Kenedy and Tucker kept themselves occupied with a long-jump competition while we waited for the slow dry.

At about eleven we loaded up and set out once again.


 Today we would complete the second part of a 7.1 mile loop.

Tucker is so skinny that his backpack kept pushing his shorts down.  He ended up with 14 mosquito bites.

We stopped for an unsatisfying lunch (granola bars, GORP, bagels) at about halfway.

After lunch we passed 5 moose.  The large bull moose below was less than 40 feet from the trail.

Promises of ice cream kept one foot moving in front of the other.  At about 3:30 we made it safely back to the car just before another afternoon downpour.  Ice cream we come!