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walking to the bus

Yesterday was bike to work day. I am not the type of cyclist that can ride up and down 2,000 feet on major highways to get to work.  Though there are people in our mountain community that do!  That said, I do not prefer driving to work and we chose our house, among many other reasons, because of proximity to a bus stop.

Timing to leave for the bus is tricky.  I try not to stand too long at the bus stop and the bus is usually on time but sometimes it's a little early.  

The stop is placed sort of like an afterthought along our main parkway - no bench, no LED sign with ETA and not really any safe harbor from the cars, semis, garbage trucks and buses that blow by.   

The rest of the commute is a piece of cake.  The walk to the stop is serene and sparkly in the morning.  

Today a field of lupines were in bloom.

The ride is equally beautiful though long. The bus is mostly quiet, comfy and the continental divide peaks over the hills at several places along the way.  

I miss bike to work day.  It's a great way to start the day, feel supported and ride with others.  Unfortunately I don't anticipate that kind of fitness level in my future.  Instead I'll stick with the bus, sip coffee and work or enjoy the views.