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Taos: fall at the ski resort

The aspens were still bright in Taos for Indigenous People's day.

We arrived in time for a quick bike ride around town and then dinner.  The next morning we tooled around Taos Ski area while waiting for Kris to arrive after a long and delayed trip from Los Angeles.

We could see only one lift from the parking lot but the sign at the base told us not to panic, we were "looking at only 1/30th of Taos Ski Valley." So the three of us agreed to come back and try out what Kenedy now believed to be a massive ski area.

For the morning, we tackled the dirt roads.

I made a pact to myself to come back another summer and tackle the beautiful remote mountain valleys with my hiking boots.

Dreams of skiing and backpacking trips aside, we took off for more wheeled adventures in Taos: along the rift!