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Taos: Riding the Rift

I had my heart set on an epic family bike ride along the Rift Trail but two pancake-flat tires got in my way.  Taos Cyclery repaired the flat front (and I purchased a pair of Land of Enchantment socks).  Nonetheless, the back tire was mushy by the time we got to the rim parking lot and epic family ride was replaced by short and sweet pedaling.
The Rio Grande resides at the bottom.

What you don't see: Kris making friends with a tarantula (it was tarantula migration time).

Next stop, Gearing Up Bike Shop…my hero, the bike mechanic, pulled 11 stickers out of the tire, replaced the tube and added goo.  Tire good as new, we had fun playing football in the parking lot!

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing in the pool: pure, unrestrained joy.