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Grand Canyon: the last day of 2016

We swam away New Year's Eve 2015 a at a beautiful nugget of a hotel in Bluff, Arizona.   We very much considered another stay in Bluff this year but instead opted to wake up at the rim of the Grand Canyon.  New Year's Eve morning started with a blanket of snow.

We took a snowy walk from the Visitor's Center to the Hopi House.  Snowballs were thrown.

And then we sloshed through the red mud and fog on Bright Angel Trail.

Like in Canyonlands, we jealously cheered backpackers working hard to climb out from their overnight down in the canyon.  And, not surprising considering the moisture, we heard rocks tumbling down in the not too far distance, sometimes above us.  A nice reminder about our real size in this enormous canyon on this even bigger Earth.