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231 napkins and 139 hand towels

I have been thinking about ditching this whole wake-up-work-drive-kids-to-soccer-clean-fix-sleep- start-over cycle in favor of living and traveling for a year in an 188 sq ft Airstream.

People do this.  I want to.  But what will we do without our 231 napkins and 139 hand towels and we've never owned a truck or pulled a trailer?  And I love my job!  And I think Kris loves his job, too. And I haven't talked with Kris about this...  And I love snow.

But I want to drive to the Yukon and Dry Tortugas and to Jackson, Mississippi. WHEN are we going to find time to do that between fixing the leaky shower, replacing the counter tops, driving all over Colorado for soccer tournaments and cleaning the house?

Life is an adventure?