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Devil's Garden and Hole in the Rock Road

Two days ago we scrambled between goblin hideouts. Today we wander through Devil's Garden (which happens to be in close proximity to Carcass Canyon, Hell's Backbone and Death Hollow).  Sinister holiday vacation?  Nope, just a Utah road trip full of natural geologic wonder.

Twelve miles down a long, flat, plateau on washboardy Hole in the Rock Road (which continues another 50 miles to Glen Canyon) is Devil's Garden.  

 Hidden in a wash are tall, quiet formations, waiting to be discovered.  It is as if these stoic statues of rock were forgotten after the erosive wind and watery mess that swept away the rest of the surrounding rock and dirt.  

They were sublime. I wanted to lay down and absorb as much of the warmth from the sturdy, red, pink and white rock as possible.  

We climbed and explored the odd shapes, sizes and colors--no trails, no boundaries, not many people, a few cows.

And then I woke up? No. It wasn't a dream. Phew.