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Escalante Petrified Forest State Park

 Escalante Petrified Forest State Park, is just up the street from the tiny and outdoorsy town of Escalante, Utah. In the spring and fall visitors probably fill the streets and patronize open businesses, but on New Year's Eve Escalante was downright deserted.  Fortunately Nemo's stayed open for us and the five other visitors to town, and we were able to enjoy a quick and delicious sandwich.

Escalante on New Year's Eve 2018

Further down the road, a 50-foot petrified tree greets you at the parking lot to the State Park and campground.

More million-year-old tree remnants are scattered along the second half of a short-but-steep loop trail.  Printed trail guides highlight the flora, rock formations and the climatic and geological ingredients required to create a petrified tree. 

Petrified trees are interesting--Kenedy and Tucker's favorite part of the Park--but I loved the views.

A little piece of Grand Staircase
Escalante (town)
We stopped by the petrified tree stump in Yellowstone several years back--it's enclosed within a chain link fence.  Here we passed peaceful views and were able to get up close, count the rings and even see what must have been bark and branches.  Worth the stop.